Hydrulic Punching

  1. Powerful features:
    The hydraulic system has a high speed, high efficiency and very reliable. It makes the stroke variable, dropping quickly and slow punching and full speed return. It increases the punch rate while you can get a qualified part. You can get full punch force in the full stoke with very lower noise.

The high precision level hydraulically operated system is equipped with the machine, the speed and stroke are variable and the pressing speed is up to 600HPM. The high precision large traverse ball screws and linear guide ways with reliability are equipped for driving. The reliable world famous CNC system with digital AC servo motor make the machine very reliable. The main pneumatic parts are imported from the best international brands to ensure the reliability for the machine. The fully bushed high precision turret improves efficiently the accuracy and longevity of the turret, and the 24,32 stations is optional. The advanced working and heat treatment technology is adopted to the tools for the longevity. Sectionalized worm and gear construction can make auto index reach extremely high precision. Max. Diameter is 88.9mm.Flexible configuration with long or short tools can be selected by the requirement of different customers. The closed style frame make the frigidity very well.

 Unique Turret: The up and lower parts are machined together by the special machine in order to make station alignment. Both equipped with 2 keyways for manual setting of specific tools.  Auto index: Combined synchronization belt and worm wheel transfer can get high accuracy. Sectionalized worm wheel constructs eliminate the clearance. The flexible designs of this structure make it easy that the 2 index stations can be changed to 4 Max. Diameter is 88.9mm.  High Precision Tool: Of high quality alloy steel for durability spring stripping mechanism with guide construction for distortion free holes Plain workplaces with little burrs the work range can be expanded with auto indexing stations special tools are available for irregular holes.